Boardwalk Business Ventures, Inc. is a social enterprise fueled by the desire of its owners to address poverty.

Having been exposed nto communities with families without stable sources of income or sustainable livelihood while they were growing up, its owners, Bernardo and Imelda Madera, were motivated to conceptualize a business that will help address poverty. This has led to the foundation of a social enterprise centered in providing sustainable livelihood and continuous opportunities to the less fortunate enterprising Filipinos.

Since its inception, Boardwalk has continuously provided opportunities to everyone who needs it - from the business programs offered to households and young entrepreneurs; to giving newcomers of the runway a chance to thrive with the 100 Modeal Search in 2011, up to its current efforts of giving promising young designers the opportunity to establish their own lable locally and internationally. To date, this social enterprise has helped over a million Personal Shoppers along with introducing hundereds of models and designers to the fashion industry.

Each and every one of them has had their lives improved as Boardwalk remains ready and willing to provide everyone with a level of prosperity and abundance they can all look forward to. With over 100 Branches and Satellite Offices strategically positioned in key cities around the country and the world and with its extensive collection of stylish and world-class fashion and lifesltyle products, Boardwalk remains steadfast with their pursuit to bring the Boardwalk mission and vision to new heights.

Recognized as one of the best business players in the field and hailed as one of the most outstanding organizations in the country, Boardwalk remains committed to its missions and vision to continuously uplift lives of people and provide them with the confidence needed towards the future. With Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc., empowering people and drawing out the best that they can be is their top priority. Indded, over the last 23 years, Boardwalk has transformed in a world-class social enterprise which every Filipino can depend on and be proud of.
Uplift the quality of lives of people as it satisfies the evolving needs of the market through responsive world-class products and equitable services.

Promote purposive development and generate employment opportunities for a self-actualizing career and a quality of life.

Enrich social entrepreneurship as a way of life by contributing to empowered society through philanthropic works and environmental programs.
Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc. is a globally-recognized social enterprise of self-actualized people innovating systems and technology for life-changing opportunities.
We pursue the highest standard of work.
We are disciplined, working within ethical and moral bounds.
We are technology-driven.
We innovate.
We uphold accountability with cost-consciousness.
We are anchored on the character of trust and honesty.
We lead to empower
We recognize individually.
We celebrate diversity in a global society.
We are a committed social enterprise.
We only achieve what is right when it is right.
We are competent and consistent.
We are committed and loyal people.
We celebrate team spirit.
We provide the highest satisfaction for all our stakeholders.
We strive to uplift their quality of life.
We build lifelong work relationships.
We care and respond to the most pressing needs of society.
We work to help nourish our environment.
  • M easurement of results
  • A ccountability for actions
  • D edicated Team
  • E mpowerment through Learning
  • R elevant Innovation
  • A bundance Mentality