Boardwalk designed a readymade social business structure angled to help anyone to earn a sustainable livelihood through fashion.
In our 27 years of existence. Boardwalk has not only provided us with globally competitive fashion products but also a continuous flow of opportunities for Personal Shoppers.

The core of our business structure is to generate careers that will develop into stable sources of income and livelihood. We want to present opportunities that will lead onto a better future, thus our program focuses mainly on the Personal Shopper's holistic growth and development.

The goal of our business structure is to be a stepping stone toward fulfilling the individual's needs and achieving their dreams. Boardwalk offers an opportunity that allows an individual to earn a living without leaving their families behind and to work in their own time.
Personal Shoppers are the focal point of the whole Boardwalk business structure. They sell our fashion products through the catalog and through person-to-person. With every transaction made, they receive 25% of its total sale. Personal Shoppers may offer the same opportunity to others interested by inviting them to the Boardwalk community. This will turn them into Social Entrepreneur. As a Social Entrepreneur, they may earn a percentage from the income of the people they have invited to be Personal Shoppers.
The idea of social entrepreneurship has been circulating around the globe and Boardwalk prides itself for being a social enterprise before the formalization of the model. Social enterprises are a budding sector of business geared toward making society into a better place. The company designs and produces stylish yet wearable fashion products and features them in a catalog. These fashion products are available for purchase through our Personal Shoppers or in our satellite branches located nationwide and abroad. Now, with a growing demand from shoppers, Boardwalk has launched Boardwalk Now, an online app for the convenience of its Personal Shoppers.
Through the years, Boardwalk continues to grow because of its communities and continues to welcome individuals who are interested to join. There is no better time than today to maximize the offer.

We are for people who may or may not be employed looking for a sustainable and guaranteed way to earn extra income.
Social Entrepreneurs can also get rewards and incentives based on the sales generated by the Personal Shoppers they invited.

As for Personal Shoppers, they can get additional discounts based on the total sale of products they have sold. The more products they order, the bigger the discount on their purchases.
Joining Boardwalk is as easy as 1-2-3! Feel free to visit the nearest Boardwalk branch near you and present an ID-sized picture and your permanent addres for proof of billing.

Afterwards, you will be asked to complete a short series of training seminars for free. These seminars will equip you with the right skills needed as you enter the business. You will be taught of tips on selling products, career guidance and business orientation. These seminars are directed for you to be competitive and competent. These are intended for the overall growth and development of the individual.
The products of Boardwalk are affordable, designed and crafted only by the best manufactures with the best materials.

For handling reasons, there will be miscellaneous taxes charged for products sold in Visayas and Mindanao.
Boardwalk wants to pass onto you a legacy that its founders themselves have experienced firsthand. This is to testify that entrepreneurship can and will give you and your family the better life and instead of talking about it, let the Personal Shoppers and Social Entrepreneurship of Boardwalk show you.